Routine Preventative Care

Each of our patients is a unique and special creature made up of multiple systems. We take the time to get to know the whole individual and personalize our wellness care recommendations and vaccination schedules for each patient.

Our dog and cat patients age much faster than we do as humans. They also have a limited ability to communicate changes in their health. This often leads to medical care that is far too reactive. When Veterinarians catch illness late in the course of the disease, it limits the potential treatments and leads to poor outcomes.

We believe that when we are caring for your beloved friend, it is far better to be proactive. We recommend semi-annual wellness exams for our patients. Our doctors and staff are trained to recognize signs and symptoms of illnesses early, and they are well versed in preventative medicine. We know that in order to provide excellent medical care for our patients, we depend on open communication and team work between us as your veterinary team, and you, the client. During our semi-annual examinations, we always perform a complete physical examination of our patient. We will ask you many questions about your observations of your furry friend in their home environment. We will take the time to address all of your questions and concerns. Any diagnostic or treatment recommendations will involve a thorough explanation, so you have a complete understanding and are involved in every step.

Imaging / Laboratory

Are you tired of going to your doctor just to be sent elsewhere for lab work or imaging. No one enjoys the anxiety that accompanies having to wait weeks to receive test results or even worse having to schedule a follow-up appointment to get them.

Let us wow you with our speed and accuracy! Our Doctors are experts in the use of our in-house technologies. We have onsite x-ray and ultrasound machines. And we have a full in-house laboratory. Our Doctors and Staff are able to use these to provide you and your loved one with a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Having a sick pet is a physical and emotional challenge. We completely understand the feeling of helplessness that accompanies caring for someone who cannot speak for themselves. Knowing how to use advanced tools and technologies allows us to figure out the problem that is ailing your loved friend faster. The faster we can identify the problem, the faster we can fix it and get both of you back to your normal daily life.

In house radiographs aid our ability to make a rapid diagnosis.

We have the most experienced ultrasonographer in southwest Oklahoma.



Pet counseling

  • Getting tired of that cat urinating on your floor?
  • Wondering how to stop your dog from tearing up the blinds every time you leave?
  • Wondering why your cat has hair loss and is vomiting hairballs?
  • Are you afraid of having guests over because of your pet?
  • Want help potty training that puppy?
  • Need to know what to expect as your pet ages?

We have answers.  We always take the time to listen and to get to know both our clients and our patients.  We are a great educational resource. We welcome questions and address them all in a relaxed environment.

When our patients are acting out, and you need answers, our staff offers behavioral counseling to help with all our patient’s issues.

We also offer puppy and kitten care education and counseling for each new patient. And, as our patients age we take the time to provide you with senior pet counseling to make their golden years truly golden.




At Hergenrether Animal Hospital we treat every surgical case with the upmost care. We know that any anesthetic or surgical procedure is a major event for your beloved friend. That is why we always provide the best anesthetic and surgical approach to achieve a safe and successful surgical outcome. Surgeries are always performed in a sterile surgical suite using sterile techniques.

Every surgical patient has their own dedicated veterinary nurse that follows them through their stay at our hospital. That nurse will be there from the pre-op exam through surgical preparation and anesthesia. He or she will provide close personal monitoring during the surgery and ensure a safe recovery. The nurse will help with all post operative care and provide complete discharge instructions when we send your friend home to you.

Our standard of care requires for our patients’ safety that every animal receives a preoperative examination and lab work. Each surgical patient has an IV catheter placed and is administered temperature controlled IV fluid therapy during surgery. We use electronic vital monitoring with each patient. And provide pain management following every surgical procedure.

We know you want your friend home with you as soon as possible. We discharge surgical patients when we know their care and comfort can be safely managed at home. We follow-up on all of our surgical patients once they are home. Any post-operative complications are addressed immediately.

We also provide a free bath and pedicure for each of our surgical patients.

We provide a completely sterile surgical environment.

Each surgical patient has their own dedicated veterinary nurse.




Proper dental care is extremely important to overall health. Waiting to recommend dental care until after dental disease is established often leads to tooth extractions as well as oral and systemic disease. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. Therefore, we recommend preventative and proactive dental care including daily dental brushing at home followed by yearly dental cleaning after the age of 2 years. Each of our patients receives a dental examination as part of their semi-annual physical examination. We provide complete dental care for our patients.

Before Dental Cleaning

After Dental Cleaning




Give your pets a safe, and comfortable place to stay when you must be apart. We pride ourselves on providing comfortable, clean boarding facilities with on-site veterinary care.

We strive to provide individualized patient care to meet all your four-legged friend’s needs. We welcome you to bring their personal belongings, toys, treats, and food to make their stay at our resort as close to home as possible. Our attentive and caring staff feed and exercise our guests according to your request. We are trained in medication administration of all types including Insulin administration. We know you will miss your friend while you are gone. We want you to know we will care for them like they were our own. Each of our staff will be informed of your friend’s status daily. We welcome you to call and check on them as often as you like.

All of our boarding guests recieve a complimentary bubble bath and pedicure before they go home.

Let us care for your friend while you are away.

They are in good hands.



Emergency Care

We are there when you need us!

We proudly offer 24 hour care for our existing clients and patients. Our emergency fee is $200.00

Call 580-536-8387 for information.